For Security, More Real Time Information Is Better Information — And On That, McAfee Delivers

For security teams, the holy grail of security management is a tool which provides as much information as possible on an event as it unfolds. And then provide the intelligence to be able to act on it.

That dream is now a reality: McAfee’s Enterprise Security Manager (ESM), integrated with McAfee Real Time, now delivers the industry’s first endpoint aware security information and event management solution (SIEM). That means more information is analyzed, prioritized and provided to security teams, enabling them to react to any event as it happens.

A swift reaction to a security event is no small accomplishment: according to the 2013 Verizon Data Breach Report, 69 percent of all breaches went from initial compromise to data exfiltration in hours. It doesn’t help that over a third of those breaches took weeks to months to address. When data is involved, the ability to identify, collect, and analyze events in real time gives security experts the intelligent edge in responding to advance security threats.

And, with McAfee Security Connected, security teams can quarantine, scan and issue policy changes directly from any console running McAfee SIEM.

Cut down on response times to advance threats the industry’s first endpoint aware SIEM — only with McAfee.

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