Don’t Settle for Less with Your IPS

Hands down, McAfee beats the competition in an NSS Labs test

What if you could deploy an intrusion prevention system (IPS) that has it all—robust protection, high performance, and low total cost of ownership (TCO)? Now you can. The 2014 NSS Labs report, Data Center IPS Comparative Analysis reveals that McAfee® Network Security Platform excels in all of these critical areas. Take a deep dive into the report details and download other informative resources by visiting the McAfee IPS/NSS Labs Content Hub.

Out-of-the-Box, McAfee Security Platform Is More Effective
The NSS test emphasized the importance of tuning your IPS solutions. All too often, enterprises find that the configurations required for some network security solutions are daunting because of their complexity, so they may simply accept the default settings and cross their fingers. In the case of most IPS solutions, if you overlook tuning, you won’t be using the your solution to its full potential—and that could lead to trouble, primarily due to the prevalence of advanced persistent threats (APTs) that generally target data center servers. In general, NSS Labs suggests that it’s absolutely essential to tune it to your specific environment, taking into account factors like signatures or rules that need to be enabled, your network architecture, critical assets, patching levels, and allowed protocols.

But tuned or right out of the box, McAfee Network Security Platform outperforms every other vendor in every area defined by the NSS Labs’ 2014: security, performance, management, and total cost of ownership (TCO). NSS Labs deemed McAfee IPS security (McAfee NS—9300) 99.6% effective using a tuned policy and 99.2% effective for an untuned configuration, which means that even inexperienced users can get top-rated network protection against all of the tested evasion techniques. And that says a lot. With other vendors, tuning and expertise are needed to come up to the level that McAfee IPS starts from with no tuning.

High Performance, High Value
Beyond consistently powerful network protection, McAfee Security Platform also earned the highest score in terms of value. When security effectiveness was measured against value (TCO per protected Mbps), McAfee came in with $11.94—the lowest score across all vendors. Compare that to a high of $55.13 and you’ll understand why McAfee Network Security Platform is on NSS Labs’ “Recommended” list.  In addition, NSS Labs found that the McAfee NS-9300 performed at a rate of 47,533 Mbps, which is even better than its stated rate of 40,000 Mbps.

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