Comprehensive Malware Protection: It’s a Beautiful Thing!

As a general rule, technology companies do a very good job at product marketing–figuring out how the product they want to sell will solve a very specific customer problem. But seldom do they take a broader view of the actual customer need, which is typically solved through a combination of interrelated products and services.

When I first came to McAfee, I arrived with a background in solution marketing. Unlike a typical product marketer, my approach is to start with a thorough understanding of the customer business need before moving forward to create a solution. It’s one reason why I was hired, and it’s really what comprehensive malware protection is all about.

What technology companies usually miss, and what I think McAfee does very well through Security Connected, is to show how integrated products working together as a whole solution can address broader business needs. Comprehensive malware protection illustrates Security Connected in this concrete way, showing how to holistically solve the malware problem.

To put it another way, I think Security Connected is best understood as a diamond. It’s beautiful to look at, but it looks different depending upon the viewing angle. Comprehensive malware protection is simply one of those viewing angles, and it details how to address a very real problem: malware.  For example, if a network security product learns that something is malware, it’s extremely beneficial to share that information with other network and endpoint security products. That sharing of information is key, and it’s an example of how individual product features can be less relevant than the way those products communicate and interact with one another.

Here’s a rundown of a few specific ways McAfee is addressing the malware problem through comprehensive malware protection:

End-to-End: Malware can enter the IT environment in many ways. Only McAfee offers protection against malware at all points in the IT infrastructure, from the endpoint hardware to the network to the data center.

Integrated: Tight integration between all core McAfee anti-malware products delivers better situational awareness, shortens response time to malware threats, and provides ubiquitous security visibility and control across an organization.

Real-time: Real-time intelligence and response through McAfee’s industry-leading threat intelligence service and security management products improves detection of new and zero day threats, shrinks reaction time to an attack, shortens remediation time, and ultimately lowers security risk.

Context-aware: Context information from McAfee’s threat intelligence service, correlated with related information from endpoint and network security products, increases detection accuracy and helps organizations take decisive action based on a clear understanding of associated events.

Holistically-managed: McAfee’s security management products provide unified visibility into and management of endpoint, network, and data security to reduce incident response time and drive down the cost and complexity of managing risk and security.

You can find more detailed information on the full scope of McAfee comprehensive malware protection here, and be sure to follow our team on Twitter with @McAfeeBusiness for the latest updates on industry news and events.

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