Complete Endpoint Protection: From Small to Large, A to Z, Your Business Is Secure

With the onslaught of zero-day attacks, phishing, malicious web pages, rootkits, and compromised devices, businesses have their hands full when it comes to security.  In addition to prevailing cyber threats, the BYOD phenomenon has continued to increase the barrage of unanswered risks.  The explosion of devices that now have access to both personal and business resources can unknowingly endanger entire systems when reconnected to corporate networks.

However, despite the magnitude of risks, few security providers offer a comprehensive way to solve the broader spectrum of modern-day threats. With the ever-increasing mobile workforce creating more touch points to manage; the sharing of information between individual products is a necessity. When you look at it, a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and today’s security offerings must be judged in the same way.

Enter the latest in complete endpoint security from McAfee. Combining hardware-enhanced security jointly developed by Intel, McAfee’s new Complete Endpoint Protection suites help businesses of all sizes safeguard devices, data and applications simultaneously. As a core component of the Security Connected framework, Complete Endpoint Protection ensures secure, seamless access to business applications and corporate data, and extends support to Macs and Linux.

To me, it’s the four unique and powerful differentiators (hardware enhanced security, true dynamic application control, Risk Advisor and Real Time for ePO), along with total product integration coupled with a competitive price that makes the Complete Endpoint Protection suites such a compelling alternative to current options on the market. The suites’ ability to share information with other network and endpoint security products is crucial in the fight against viruses, malware and other risks. Security Professionals will undoubtedly see a difference with the extended span of coverage, which can be managed within a single console, and end users will benefit from the high-performance scanning that works on tablets, smartphones, and other personal devices.

By incorporating dynamic whitelisting, risk intelligence, and real-time security management, McAfee’s new Complete Endpoint Protection suites deliver significant value for customers and at the same time address all of their mission-critical security needs.

Here’s a rundown of a few specific ways McAfee is addressing the entire spectrum of threats, from zero-day exploits to phishing through complete endpoint protection:

Real Time for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO): Uses a specialized design and best practice questions and actions within the workflow to help every administrator understand their security posture up to 1,000 times faster than any other means, and take action easily and immediately to manage potential risks.

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management: Employees are going to continue to use mobile devices in the workplace. Now fully integrated into ePO, the mobile device management and mobile security features allow IT staff to manage all endpoints, including the suites’ multi-platform package of Macs, Windows, and Linux.

McAfee Deep Defender: Endpoints are protected from stealthy attacks through jointly developed Intel and McAfee hardware-enhanced security that goes beyond the operating system, protecting where traditional security tools can’t reach.

McAfee Application Control for PCs: Dynamic whitelisting for laptops and desktops reduces the chance of infection or disruption by containing the applications a user can run, including malware.

McAfee Risk Advisor: Helps administrators instantly see which assets are at highest risk so they can protect the most essential assets first and accurately.

And that’s not all! With the near perfect protection rates shown by NSS and AVTest, McAfee is leading the pack in advanced protection as well.

You can find more detailed information on the full scope of products included in the McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection suites here, and be sure to follow our team on Twitter with @McAfeeBusiness for the latest updates on industry news and events.

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