Healthcare Cloud Enabled Analytics is Growing

Like any industry, healthcare continues to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Still, it’s an industry that must also take precautions in order to maintain the privacy and security of health information.  Analytics is a growing trend to measure improvements in healthcare, and a recent survey reported that 56.4% are now considering analytics to comply with federal mandates and create better clinical outcomes for patients.

Cloud services are just starting to be considered for healthcare analytics, and there is no better time than now to start looking at the operational benefits. At the 2013 HIMMS Conference, an Intel-sponsored panel was recorded that discussed Secure Healthcare Analytics in the Cloud. I had a chance to discuss how Cloud Single Sign-On can help in managing access to cloud-based healthcare analytics.

Whether you are building these services using IaaS for healthcare data storage, leveraging more advanced services for a flexible computing platform, or purchasing a full-blown hosted analytics environment, being able to manage information access levels and identities of individuals is critical.  Look to integrate this into your healthcare organization with options like on-premise solutions, McAfee cloud provided services, or a hybrid approach of the two.  As I learned during this panel from Dr Khaled el Emam, CEO of Privacy Analytics, there are many pitfalls to ensuring the de-identification of sensitive information. Organizations must take precautions so that they have control of who can access data, and they must be able to provide reporting that will prove diligence in securing health information.

 -Kim Singletary

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