Cape Town South Africa – Whitelisting and Application Security

After spending a few days in Johannesburg I traveled south to Cape Town; this was arguably one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever done business in.  Cape Town’s businesses are primarily a mix of retail, financial services, and some public sector.

The McAfee team put on another great event to support our customers and foster deep conversations amongst customers, partners, and McAfee employees.  I really enjoy these “birds of a feather events” that focus on a few specific verticals at a time. Pictured in the photo below are member’s of McAfee’s South African sales and marketing team and myself.

Following a packed schedule of customer meetings and a packed McAfee event many of their points of pain became very clear. These organizations were in search of alternatives to traditional malware solutions as their current approach simply didn’t scale nor did it meet their changing security requirements. In particular, purpose-built, fixed-function devicessuch as point-of-sales (POS) systems, ATMs and the like were assets discussed.

Many organizations are finding that McAfee’s Dynamic Whitelisting solutions are just the ticket. Offering a small system footprint with no .DATs to download, fewer system resource demands –i.e. not signature- or scan-based, less frequent patching, and extended life of legacy and or end-of-life systems, dynamic whitelisting fits the need, delivers the security desired and has a positive impact on system performance.

Another area of concern was squarely set on application and database security with a specific desire to integrate web application vulnerability management, database vulnerability management, policy management, and virtual patching via database activity monitoring (DAM). The value of combining all of these solutions within McAfee ePO is obvious from a discovery, prevention, detection, analysis, and response perspective, but in addition,there is also the value that McAfee GTI and McAfee Risk Advisor bring in terms of external treat intelligence and infrastructure awareness.

Expanding on my previous statement about how beautiful Cape Town truly is, below is a photo illustrating the Atlantic Ocean (colder) and Indian Ocean (warmer) converging at South Africa’s southern-most point.

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