Business Should Understand Internet of Things (IoT)

Today is Internet of Things Day where it’s encouraged to plan meet-ups and discuss latest projects. Doesn’t sound like the kind of activities businesses may be interested in, but I urge you to reconsider. You just may have some projects already underway that fall under IoT.

I realize the term Internet of Things (IoT) has only started to become on the radar for executives. However for consumers the concept and trends from the Consumer Electronics Show, and the growth of Nest thermostats and Fitbit, and the promise of smart refrigerators and Google Driverless Car are all not passing technology fads. We are currently feeling the ramifications for security and compliance from consumer technology radically changing the business landscape with BYOD, smartphones, and tablets. Consumers are fascinated with wearables and are only mildly concerned about oversharing.

IoT is enabled with SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud)!  I didn’t coin the term but it’s an easy acronym to describe the components that are enabling the next frontier of computing and business opportunity.  Some industries are already building ecosystems through IoT driving the increased feedback, efficiency and ultimately transforming service and products:

  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Retail

For business having sensors or systems that quantify quality, performance, or control processes that are leveraging the ubiquitous of network connectivity may already be in place in your organization.  A classic example of enabling smarter devices is the intelligent multi-function printer that can now not only notify of low toner but automatically order it for you. Truly IoT printers will be able to accept the incoming jobs but be able to autonomously determine based on your location which specific printer was available and best to meet the demand, instead of user’s specifying a printer.

With the promise of efficiencies with uber-connected, quantifying and self-determining systems through IoT security needs to be designed at the point of concept. It also needs to be continually optimized to handle the scale, the ongoing security management and speed that this will transform business.  McAfee with our Security Connected  commitment to business will continue to address the critical protections needed through our solutions, with our Security Innovation Alliance partners, and participating with Intel’s Intelligent Systems Framework (ISF). To celebrate this day look for continued posts daily this week on IoT from McAfee discussing why IoT is different, risk for IoT, and a brief on securing smart grids for Energy.

 -Kim Singletary

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