Building an Arsenal of Best-in-Breed Database Security Solutions

Visit any news site on the Web, and undoubtedly you’ll come across a barrage of articles publicizing the details of yet another data breach. With the prominence of SQL injection attacks, and malicious insiders and hackers exploiting sensitive data stored on unpatched and vulnerable databases, enterprise organizations have found themselves reevaluating their security strategies. Following the acquisition of Sentrigo in April, McAfee has rounded out its suite of database security solutions by adding three new best-in-breed products to assist enterprises in developing a robust and effective end-to-end database security program; these include:

McAfee Virtual Patching for Databases—This technology solution protects unpatched databases against known threats and all databases from common hacker techniques, without the need to modify the database or bring the database down to patch.  Utilizing a memory-based sensor, the system detects attempts to exploit these vulnerabilities, and can then issue alerts in real-time or terminate the offending session.

McAfee Security Scanner for Databases—This client-based vulnerability assessment solution complements the previously-released McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases and addresses the specific needs of penetration testers, auditors, consultants and Systems Integrators.  Enterprises will likely prefer the feature set of Vulnerability Manager for Databases in achieving continuous compliance objectives.

McAfee Database User Identifier— Many compliance regulations require full accountability for who did what in the database, but this detail can be lost when applications connect to the database on behalf of multiple users.   As an add-on to the McAfee Database Activity Monitoring solution Database User Identifier traces the identities of specific users as they access the database from applications using pooled connections, in order to meet audit requirements.

The addition of these three new products to McAfee’s arsenal of database security solutions provides enterprises with a strong defense against damaging database breaches. If you are developing a comprehensive security strategy for your sensitive data, the McAfee Database Security solutions can deliver the combination of visibility and policy enforcement to best meet your needs.

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