Black Hat 2013 Recap: Advanced Malware Discussions

It’s been a great week at Black Hat USA 2013.

There’s been a lot of buzz around the McAfee booth and our team had lively discussions on the topic of advanced malware. Cybercrime is clearly getting more organized and sophisticated, and it’s clear that enterprises need a comprehensive means to protect their networks, their endpoints, and their data centers. Many IT professionals we spoke to at Black Hat are seeking help against the debilitating effect of these stealth attacks.

Companies around the globe are devoting significant time and resources addressing advanced malware and the impact that spawns from such attacks. And it’s a problem that’s not going away anytime soon. Combating stealth or advanced malware attacks can cost an organization millions of dollars annually without the right protection.

Black Hat Survey Results – The Highlights

We had a chance to discuss protection against advanced malware with many of you at the McAfee booth and from the sound of it you’re frustrated that so much time is spent chasing “ghosts.”

Most professionals we surveyed spend between 5 and10 hours every week addressing malware issues in their company, while 20% spend more than 20 hours per week. Also, a large segment felt that the toughest challenges they face in defending against advanced malware is detecting new threats, time wasted chasing false leads, and time to containment.

Even more interesting was that 88% of those surveyed asserted that malware is a large concern for their company, but nearly 1/3 of that same group said they are not presently using any specific technologies to combat such offensives.

Advanced threats are out there and need to be addressed. Most advanced malware containment products are stand-alone and only address a single part of the advanced malware challenge. Truly effective solutions should offer protection from beginning to end — detecting the danger, containing it, and then mending the damage it has already done. And it should do so as fast as possible.

Well, the answer might be just around the corner – outstanding technology that integrates across several McAfee platforms to provide the most comprehensive threat defense to date. Stay tuned for more from McAfee on this subject and be sure to follow us on Twitter @McAfeeBusiness.


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