Big Company, Big Innovation: It’s Just the Way We Think

I talk about the people behind the products all the time because, in my opinion, the teams here at McAfee are unequivocally the best.  But, that’s just my opinion.  Until a colleague recently shared an article with me that confirmed my opinion – how I see my peers, product development folks, and everyone who supports the Network Security Business Unit.

SC Magazine, one of the leading IT security news publications for industry professionals, recently named McAfee a “2012 Industry Innovator.”  Apparently, it was the way we “think” and find innovative solutions to difficult challenges that placed us among other industry innovators.  In its review, SC Magazine explains how it defines an innovator and how McAfee fits the definition – stating that our teams are “solidly ensconced in the type of thinking process that results in innovative solutions to difficult, and occasionally obscure, information assurance challenges.”

It’s pretty exciting to be in this category considering that the general perception is that companies like McAfee cannot be innovative because making changes in a big company is like turning around a huge tanker – it takes time, inertia and strategy to make that happen.  While we work hard to balance the needs of our large, established customer base, improving and enhancing our solutions is always a priority. I think this innovation is possible at McAfee because leadership encourages an entrepreneurial spirit.  I see this spirit when team members do everything in their power to swiftly enhance their products and make them easier and more effective.  They stop at nothing and never take ‘no’ for an answer.

While we have dozens of products and people working on innovative solutions to security challenges, SC Magazine calls out our McAfee Email Protection Suite.  I love that they mention how our solution includes “just about every email protection functionality imaginable.”  Clarifying that all these options are actually easy to implement because they are presented “on a single pane of glass.”

Overall, SC Magazine was pleasantly surprised that a company like McAfee could have a turn-on-a-dime mentality and continue to develop products based on “what if” scenarios.  If you want my opinion, I appreciate the way SC Magazine “thinks” – giving McAfee another look and not writing us off as just another big company, focused on big quarterly revenues.

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