Accelerating Technology Growth

Acquisitions today are a key component to creating a strong and viable technology ecosystem.  At McAfee, we have a long and successful history of acquiring companies in a strategy designed to complement already-established internal strength and expertise.  Merging these new employees and their advanced technology not only supports growth, but helps to jumpstart innovation and diversify our culture.  In my career, I have had the opportunity to view acquisitions from both sides and have first-hand insight into how they can lead to progress and increase opportunities.

The most recent example of using acquisitions to advance McAfee’s product portfolio is our pending acquisition of Stonesoft, a leading innovator in next-generation firewalls.  We are extremely excited by the products and technologies Stonesoft develops, and are even more impressed by the incredible team behind the company.  McAfee does not simply make acquisitions for the technology gain alone, but we instead search for companies that share the McAfee philosophy to create and foster loyal customers and partners.

Stonesoft has a loyal following and outstanding technology.  Their products address gaps in our current portfolio – specifically their proven next-generation firewall and VPN products – which we will use to fortify our Security Connected platform. Further, their impressive advanced evasion threat research team nicely complements McAfee Labs’ existing market-leading security research.

While McAfee already designs and deploys a high-assurance firewall, which provides protection to the world’s most critical networks including government agencies, the Stonesoft products are essential to our delivery of a next-generation firewall designed to protect an entirely new and larger enterprise segment.  With the additional layer of our Network Security Platform, which has next-generation IPS at the core, enterprises will have preemptive network-based protection against advanced threats like botnets and DDoS attacks.  And, the ValidEdge technology acquisition announced in February will further bolster this strategy to protect against ‘unknown’ malware.

At McAfee, we are laser-focused on completing the acquisition and delivering the Stonesoft products to enterprise customers needing the protection of a leading next-generation firewall and VPN platform.  There is no confusion here.  When Stonesoft is combined with the existing McAfee team, we will have an incredible organization executing against a solid and future-focused strategy.

Two years ago, Intel acquired McAfee to develop its third pillar of computing, and this solid investment is one more proof point that network security is vital to Intel’s future strategy in the security space.  I am very excited by the opportunities ahead for McAfee and Stonesoft, our employees and now our joint customers.  This is going to be a game-changing partnership.

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