Aberdeen Reports: McAfee Helps Secure the Evolving Datacenter

The demands between physical, virtual, public and private clouds change faster than actual clouds do. As organizations adapt to these changes, they face the Sisyphean task of securing and hardening their networks from external agents. And therein lies the problem: companies conscious of the cloud’s benefits are hesitant to adopt cost-saving virtualization because of security concerns.

To compensate for these rapid changes and maintain enterprise-level security, organizations are developing and adopting a range of solutions that protect physical and virtual datacenters. These solutions have to enforce an acceptable level of security for enterprises without further burdening IT teams and budgets. Fortunately, Aberdeen Group conducted a study on how a number of enterprise applications – McAfee included – are commonly deployed from more than 325 organizations in order to secure the evolving datacenter. Here’s a brief summary of their findings.

Virtualizations Have Changed the Datacenter Landscape

The majority of today’s companies aren’t storing data in a room full of hardware. That’s because they’re looking for a more scalable option with real-time, always-on storage – and that option is often in the cloud. Cloud offerings give companies pause when choosing to fully adapt their technologies because, to them, there’s less certainty around ways to assess and ensure the security of that data.

When securing virtualized data, companies are looking for a trustworthy, visible and manageable solution.

The Need to Secure Hardware Hasn’t Gone Anywhere

Virtualized workloads were deployed, at one point, on a hardware platform in a physical location. This means that hardware is not dead – rather, it is simply morphing into an accompanying role in the world of data storage and visibility.

Hardware interacts with virtualized machines in a number of ways: through location, hosting and even physical servers. At the end of the day, it all boils down to trusted computing. By establishing a hardware-based root, security providers can provide a baseline of trusted server pools that have proven to perform hardware-based launches, and thus are trusted for virtual machines.

As the Cloud Environment Grows More Complex, Manageability Grows in Importance

All virtual environments flow through hypervisors, the management windows through which administrators monitor and adjust a workload to meet a company’s need. But with each different solution comes different hypervisors with varying security standards, flooding administrators in a sea of hypervisors, alerts and chaos.

According to Aberdeen, leading solution providers responded to this mish-mash of hypervisors by evolving their security solutions. For example, McAfee Security Suites are designed to discover all workloads across physical, private and public clouds and condense them into a manageable hypervisor experience. By evolving the management of security solutions, and introducing automation, enterprises can lock down their virtual environments at an affordable cost.

Choose a Solution That Works for You

Enterprises require security solutions that take a layered approach to securing the datacenter. To find a successful combination of solutions that work together, take to a checklist and consider each available option. Areas of support to consider are as follows:

  • Physical and virtual implementations
  • Multiple vendors, including all hypervisors
  • Industry standards
  • Hardware-assisted security
  • Automated, dynamic management

The findings presented by Derek Brink and Aberdeen Group in this report provide a comprehensive launch pad for enterprises looking to secure the landscape from physical hardware to virtual instances.

McAfee is here to secure endpoints and workloads across all virtual environments, providing IT managers with actionable insights and complete visibility into the datacenter.

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