99.999% and 5 Essential Elements for Server Security

Anyone with the responsibilities around server, infrastructure or computing knows to request, demand and expect 99.999% availability or refer to it as five 9s. So why isn’t there a default expectation to server security whether it’s sitting in a data closet, delivered as IaaS or in the near future instrumented as an element as part of a software defined datacenter.

The five essential components for server security include:

  1. Core Server Protection. This covers antivirus for Windows, Linux and host intrusion protection (HiPS)
  2. Virtualization Security. Antivirus protection optimized for virtualized servers supporting multiplatform and agentless deployment choices
  3. Rootkit Prevention. Deep Defender hardware-assisted security to prevent malware that evades current OS-based security solutions for physical server implementations
  4. Server Workload Discovery and Security Policy. For Amazon AWS and VMware vSphere find the hypervisors and virtual machines supporting your server workloads. Implement automatic protections with appropriate security policies including attestation of hypervisors through Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT).
  5. Security Management and Policy Orchestrator. A single view for all types of servers physical, virtual including those in private and public cloud capable of reporting policy and compliance as well as flexibility to quickly makes changes on demand or automatically.


Now the nine reasons for these essential components:

  1. Virus Scanning must be done- but now you can set policy to scan without adding increased load on the hypervisor. Set a policy to do a full virus scan when the load is below a specific threshold.
  2. Perform memory scanning for critical server protection
  3. Provide 0-day vulnerability memory protection
  4. Prevent rootkits that would cause significant downtime due re-imaging to remediate the security event.
  5. Locate across clouds the virtual servers supporting your business
  6. Ensure virtual machines meet your unique security protections with automatic policies even though deployment is through a cloud service
  7. Enforce that only trusted and attested hypervisors will be used to support your server workloads
  8. Report on security status across physical and virtual environments through a single console
  9. Because all of these features are now available with McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials

For more information about these five components and the nine reasons they are essential for servers, read about Foundational Server Security for  Physical, Virtual and Cloud Deployments.

 -Kim Singletary

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