Cloud Security

The most critical step of accelerating your business with cloud services is protecting your data. This section provides security professionals with information on the threats they face in the cloud, leading approaches to protecting data, and the latest technology built to secure the cloud.

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Cloud Security

Test Your Knowledge on Cloud Adoption and Risks

Our data lives in the cloud, and nearly a quarter of it requires protection to limit our risk. You won’t be able to get far in your transformation to the cloud without learning the sources of cloud data risk and how to circumnavigate them. In our latest Cloud Adoption and ...

Cloud Security

Our PaaS App Sprung a Leak

Many breaches start with an “own goal,” an easily preventable misconfiguration or oversight that scores a goal for the opponents rather than for your team. In platform-as-a-service (PaaS) applications, the risk profile of the application can lure organizations into a false sense of security. While overall risk to the organization can be ...

Cloud Security

McAfee Web Security offers a more flexible approach to Data Privacy

Post GDPR, there is still a lot of complexity in data privacy and data residency requirements. Depending on where they are located, what industry they are in, and how diverse their customer base is, companies are requiring a high degree of flexibility in the tools they use for web security. ...

Cloud Security

The Exploit Model of Serverless Cloud Applications

Serverless platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings are being deployed at an increasing rate for many reasons. They relate to information in a myriad of ways, unlocking new opportunities to collect data, identify data, and ultimately find ways to transform data to value. Figure 1. Serverless application models. Serverless applications can cost-effectively reply and ...

Cloud Security

The Shifting Risk Profile in Serverless Architecture

Technology is as diverse and advanced as ever, but as tech evolves, so must the way we secure it from potential threats. Serverless architecture, i.e. AWS Lambda, is no exception. As the rapid adoption of this technology has naturally grown, the way we approach securing it has to shift. To ...

Cloud Security McAfee Partners

Why Traditional Database Security Doesn’t Protect Data

If we asked database administrators, security teams, and risk teams about their definition of what database security is, the answers would vary widely. Each team views the definition based on their own requirements, but the one answer that most likely won’t appear is: “To protect data.” Traditionally, database security has ...

Cloud Security

5 Things Your Organization Needs to Know About Multi-Cloud

Cloud awareness and adoption continues to grow as more enterprises take advantage of the benefits that come with multiple cloud platforms. As this trend continues its upward trajectory, we see more tech vendors coming to market with new tools designed to address a variety of different challenges. Whether you are ...

Cloud Security

Moving to a Software-Defined Data Center and Its Impact on Security

For 57% of enterprise organizations in our latest survey on cloud adoption, IT infrastructure took the form of a hybrid cloud, i.e. a mix of public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and some form of private cloud data center. At McAfee, we spend a lot of time speaking about the benefits of ...

Cloud Security

Identifying Network Anomalies in Microsoft Azure – Cloud Workload Security and Azure Network Watcher

Monitoring the Microsoft Azure virtual network Network Watcher is a native Azure service which provides performance monitoring and diagnostic services for Azure tenants. A plethora of logging and diagnostic data are available through Network Watcher which enable insights to your network performance and health. By combining the diagnostic and monitoring ...

Cloud Security

Finals Week: Cloud Edition

It’s almost summertime—where the nights are longer and the water is warmer! Before we head to the beach it’s time to review all the things we learned about the cloud from the past two quarters. For #CloudFinalsWeek we’re asking you to prove your knowledge on the current climate of cloud ...

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