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Buran Ransomware; the Evolution of VegaLocker

McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research Team observed how a new ransomware family named ‘Buran’ appeared in May 2019. Buran works as a RaaS model like other ransomware families such as REVil, GandCrab (now defunct), Phobos, etc.

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Consumer Threat Notices

750K Birth Certificate Applications Exposed Online: 5 Tips to Help You Stay Secure

Most people applying for birth certificates aren’t thinking that their private information will be made readily available to the public. But according to Tech Crunch, an online company that allows users to obtain a copy of their loved one’s birth and death certificates from U.S. state governments has exposed over ...

McAfee Labs

Top Tips to Spot Tech Support Scams

There are number of ways scammers use to target your money or personal details.  These scams include support sites for services such as Office365, iCloud, Gmail, etc. They will charge you for the service and steal your credit card details. Software activation scam sites will steal your activation code and they ...

Executive Perspectives

DOTGOV Online Trust in Government Legislation is Critical to Improving Election Security

In November, the Senate Homeland Security Committee approved the bipartisan DOTGOV Online Trust in Government Act of 2019 (S. 2749), legislation introduced by Senators Gary Peters (D-MI), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and James Lankford (R-OK) to help state and local governments transition to a .gov domain. The program ...

Cloud Security

Independent Research Firm Ranks CWS Vendors in Report: McAfee a Leader

Forrester, a leading independent research firm in the field of cybersecurity, recently published its inaugural WAVE report on Cloud Workload Security. We’re proud to report that McAfee was named a leader. The Forrester Wave evaluates and ranks products in the CWS category against 30 pre-defined criteria. The report provides security ...

Data Security

Cybersecurity & Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a view from the EU Rear Window, Part II

In Part I of this blog, we discussed the debate around AI: what it is, whether it exists, and to what extent it plays a role in our daily lives. In Part II, we turn our focus to the future, and how AI must be developed deliberately and thoughtfully to ...

Family Safety

7 Tips to Make Sure Your Smartphone Use Doesn’t Ruin Holiday Gatherings

The gravy wasn’t the only thing steaming at the Thanksgiving table this year. Grandma wasn’t happy. It turns out that those shapes that looked like socks draped over the living room furniture were actually teenagers glued to their smartphones — teenagers Grandma had repeatedly asked to set the table. And ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Attention Android Users: Is CallerSpy Malware Spying on You?

Meet CallerSpy malware, a new form of mobile malware designed to snoop on calls, texts, and other smartphone communications. This trojan malware is targeting Android users by tricking them into downloading a fake chat app called Apex App. However, despite being advertised as a chat application, CallerSpy doesn’t really contain ...

Executive Perspectives

Cloud Security and Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector

I recently had the honor of testifying before the House Financial Services Committee’s Taskforce on Artificial Intelligence about two critical emerging issues in the financial services sector – cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). Both have incredible potential for energizing the financial sector, but they also raise important security concerns. Financial ...

McAfee Labs

Analysis of LooCipher, a New Ransomware Family Observed This Year

Initial Discovery This year seems to again be the year for ransomware. Notorious attacks were made using ransomware and new families are being detected almost on a weekly basis. The McAfee ATR team has now analyzed a new ransomware family with some special features we would like to showcase. LooCipher ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Data Privacy in 2020

The end of 2019 is rapidly approaching, and with the coming of a new year comes the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the months ahead. What will 2020 bring when it comes to cybersecurity and what can users do to ensure that they’re protected in ...

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