Wayne Anderson

Wayne Anderson is Enterprise Security Architect for McAfee’s Americas sales engineering teams, focused on applying a multi-disciplinary background as a global information security leader to assist clients with strategy in today’s high threat many-provider environment. These strategies cannot simply be a product. They are technology, operations, and people working together to protect what matters for your business.

Mr. Anderson holds multiple certifications in security, infrastructure, and architecture including C|CISO, CISM, GSLC, and the Certified IT Architect – Professional from the IASA Global.

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Cloud awareness and adoption continues to grow as more enterprises take advantage of the benefits that come with multiple cloud platforms. As this trend continues its upward trajectory, we see more tech vendors coming to market with new tools designed to address a variety of different challenges. Whether you are switching up your multi-cloud strategy ...
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At the end of 2017, McAfee surveyed 1,400 IT professionals for our annual Cloud Adoption and Security research study.  As we release the resulting research and report at the 2018 RSA Conference, the message we learned this year was clear: there is no longer a need to ask whether companies are in the cloud, it’s ...
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You share responsibility for securing your data in the cloud. What does that mean? More than anything else, that you understand where the layers of protection from your cloud provider ends, and your responsibility begins.   A storm awaits many companies as they move infrastructure, applications, and entire portfolios to cloud services.  Yet, the pace ...
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