Michael Leland

Michael Leland brings more than 19 years of senior IT security leadership to McAfee. He formerly served as the CTO at NitroSecurity, responsible for developing and implementing NitroSecurity's overall technology vision and road-map including next generation network and security management solutions. Leland has held senior technical management positions at companies such as Eziaz, Cabletron and Avaya. At Avaya, a global telecommunications equipment and services vendor, he served as CTO where he led the company in its strategic efforts for converged data/voice development initiatives.
Leland received a B.S. in computer and electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an honorary MBA from Bentley, where he helped create the information age MBA curriculum.
In a number of recently publicized breaches, and probably many other attacks, information that could have enabled the security team to catch and contain the attack were lost in the sheer volume of alerts. Your security team is getting alerts from internal sensors, threat intelligence from multiple sources, and potential indicators of attack or compromise ...
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The massive amount of log, event and flow data within the SIEM offers security analysts answers to essential security questions such as “who is accessing critical business systems,” or, more importantly, “was there any anomalous activity before, during or after the connection?” To get all these answers, though, users need to filter, correlate, and view ...
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