Marc Rivero Lopez

Marc Rivero López loves what he does. He is focused years into the malware analysis research, reverse engineering, and Threat Intelligence. He previously developed his tasks inside an AntiFraud team delivering services to different financial institutions,Governments and CERTs/CSIRTs.
He is a community contributor and public speaker in national and International conferences.
Actually, he developed his professional activity as a Threat Researcher on the McAfee ATR Team.
He is also in charge as a Director of the CyberSecurity degree at "La Salle Barcelona".
He is also a member of different research groups: Antiphishing Working Group, Enisa,
Executive Summary Malware evasion techniques are widely used to circumvent detection as well as analysis and understanding. One of the dominant categories of evasion is anti-sandbox detection, simply because today’s sandboxes are becoming the fastest and easiest way to have an overview of the threat. Many companies use these kinds of systems to detonate malicious ...
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This new ransomware was discovered by Michael Gillespie on 8 February 2019 and it is still improving over time. This blog will explain the technical details and share information about how this new ransomware family is working. There are some variants of the Clop ransomware but in this report, we will focus on the main ...
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Initial discovery Once again, we have seen a significant new ransomware family in the news. LockerGoga, which adds new features to the tried and true formula of encrypting victims’ files and asking for payment to decrypt them, has gained notoriety for the targets it has affected. In this blog, we will look at the findings ...
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