The Uber Data Breach: What Consumers Need to Know

Ride-sharing apps are one of the most successful innovations of the modern digital age. Practically everyone who has a smart phone uses them. When it was discovered today that Uber, the leader in the ride-sharing space, was hit with a massive data breach back in 2016, all of our ears perked up. Let’s look at …

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Top Tips For Securing Your Devices

By now most of us know how important it is to protect our computers and smartphones from malware and other threats, but what about the connected devices we have in our homes?  You might not have thought about it before, but devices like your router, security cameras, baby monitor, and smart appliances can also be …

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Marcher Malware Uses Both Credential and Credit Card Phishing to Steal Financial Data

Actors turned models turned singers — pretty much the definition of a “triple threat” in the entertainment industry. However, the definition changes a bit for the cybersecurity space, as Android users are faced with a different type of “triple threat.” In fact, it’s a new attack campaign involving three malicious tactics: credential phishing, credit card …

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Secret Selfies: iPhone Apps Can Take Pictures and Videos of You Without Your Knowledge

“Let’s take a selfie” has become quite the popular request in 2017. Most everyone captures the occasional self-portrait using the reverse camera setting on the iPhone. But what happens if there are selfies occurring without your knowledge? And no, we’re not talking about paparazzi photos or some reality show. We’re talking about your iPhone, which …

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What To Do If Your Data Is Stolen

If you’re like most people, you share your personal information with a number of companies and service providers, from banks to social media sites. And even if you’re careful, what happens if there is a weak link and your personal data is either stolen or leaked? That’s when you need to know how to minimize …

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5 Tips for Avoiding Android Malware

The ubiquity of mobile phones has created a unique opportunity for cybercriminals. They now have a way of accessing both our money and personal information without us realizing it by distributing risky apps that we often willingly download. Many of the most dangerous apps target Android devices, and there are a few good reasons why. …

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The GDPR Basics: What Consumers Need to Know

To ensure all companies are being held responsible for the way they handle consumer data, the European Union took action and created something called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Passed in April of 2016, GDPR was created to protect the personal data handled by companies – but what exactly does GDPR entail for consumers? Let’s take a look. 

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Why Software Updates Are So Important

You’re hard at work on your computer or device and a message suddenly pops up saying, “a software update is available”. You’re busy, so you click “cancel” instead of “install”, thinking you’ll get to it later, but you never do. Sound familiar? The truth is it’s easy to skip software updates because they can take …

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BlueBorne Vulnerabilities Endanger Over 5 Billion Bluetooth-Enabled Devices

From headsets, to speakers – Bluetooth technology has become an integral part our devices, and our everyday lives. Since it allows users to exchange data wirelessly, Bluetooth technology is widely popular, and has been implemented into billions of devices. Therefore, the discovery of BlueBorne, a vulnerability found in some Bluetooth technology, which cybercriminals can use …

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How to Spot Phishing Lures

Phishing attacks, in which scammers try to trick you out of your private information or money, are one of the most prevalent threats we see today. Part of the problem is that the cybercriminals have numerous ways in which to hook you, either online, over the phone, or even in person. In today’s busy world …