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What Are Serverless Apps?

The smartphone market has exploded in recent years, leading to the development of over 4 million mobile apps. For mobile developers, this is both a blessing and a challenge, since there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to bringing an application to market. But with the advent of cloud computing, …

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What Is a Botnet?

Robot armies on attack may sound like science fiction, but this is a security reality we’ve been facing for some time. You may have heard of recent threats where popular websites were knocked completely offline, or servers were forced to mine for cryptocurrencies by giant “botnets”. But you might not have known exactly what a …

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Meltdown and Spectre Aren’t Done Just Yet – New Malware Uses Exploits to Potentially Attack Browsers

We kicked off 2018 with two powerful new exploits: Meltdown and Spectre. And since the discovery of Meltdown and Spectre on January 3rd, vendors have been hard at work issuing patches to remedy their nasty side effects – with the majority supplying fixes within the first week. But, unfortunately, some malware makers have still found …

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The GDPR Basics: What Consumers Need to Know

To ensure all companies are being held responsible for the way they handle consumer data, the European Union took action and created something called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Passed in April of 2016, GDPR was created to protect the personal data handled by companies – but what exactly does GDPR entail for consumers? Let’s take a look. 

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McAfee Internet Security Takes Home Perfect AV-TEST Scores

McAfee Internet Security offers comprehensive online security with accelerated performance, and helps keep you and your family safe from cyberthreats. With McAfee Internet Security, all the personal data held on your devices is safeguarded with an extra layer of defense. In the cybersecurity space, personal devices– including mobile devices, computers, tablets – are also defined as …

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Key Innovations and Takeaways from CES 2018

Every year, practically everyone in the consumer electronics industry catches a flight and heads to Las Vegas for The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Though 2018’s show was colored by some power outages and even some flooding, it still delivered upon its typical expectations and showcased the best innovation that the industry brings to the …

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India’s Biometric Database Reportedly Breached, More Than One Billion Compromised

Between Equifax and Uber, there’s been a plethora of massive data breaches lately. These breaches not only compromise personal data, but they’re also leaving those impacted concerned about potential identity theft as a result. Now, India is faced with their largest data breach yet – as their governmental database Aadhaar has reportedly been compromised, which …

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PayPal Users: Here’s What You Need to Know About the New Phishing Scam

It’s the season of giving, which means internet scams are practically everywhere, as cybercriminals are trying to trick eager holiday shoppers. So, it’s unsurprising that yet another scam has emerged, this time targeting millions of PayPal users with manipulative phishing emails. The emails, which are intended to look like they’re from customer support, are trying to …


The Uber Data Breach: What Consumers Need to Know

Ride-sharing apps are one of the most successful innovations of the modern digital age. Practically everyone who has a smart phone uses them. When it was discovered today that Uber, the leader in the ride-sharing space, was hit with a massive data breach back in 2016, all of our ears perked up. Let’s look at …

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Top Tips For Securing Your Devices

By now most of us know how important it is to protect our computers and smartphones from malware and other threats, but what about the connected devices we have in our homes?  You might not have thought about it before, but devices like your router, security cameras, baby monitor, and smart appliances can also be …