Francisco Matias Cuenca-Acuna

Matias is a McAfee Sr. Principal Engineer with 20 years working experience in Internet scale computing, information retrieval and their intersection with cyber security and large-scale device management. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Rutgers University in the area of large-scale distributed systems.

Matias has published 15+ papers on distributed computing and security with over 800 citations, including one of the best papers in IEEE/HPDC history (1992-2012); Matias has 4 US patents in distributed computing and web security.
Security operation centers (SOCs) are struggling to keep up with attackers, and artificial intelligence (AI) has failed to deliver significant improvements. The industry has been successful at applying AI to malware detection and user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) using deep neural networks and anomaly detection. But other core SOC jobs such as monitoring, triage, ...
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