Celeste Fralick

Senior Principal Engineer and Chief Data Scientist, McAfee. Dr. Fralick is responsible for McAfee's technical analytic strategy that integrates into McAfee consumer and enterprise products as well as internal Business Intelligence. Dr. Fralick brings over 36 years of industry experience to McAfee. Prior to Intel's divestiture of McAfee, she was Chief Data Scientist in Intel's Internet of Things Group where she developed Machine Learning and Deep Learning analytics for over 8 different markets.. Dr. Fralick chairs McAfee's Analytic Center of Excellence, and was a technical leader in Intel's data science and biotech strategies, product qualification, and product life cycle programs. Active in various industry and academic boards, journal editorial staffs, and consortiums, her experience spans analytics, systems, IoT engineering, semiconductor process and product development, regulatory, medical device, and quality/reliability domains. She holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Arizona State University, concentrating on predictive analytics and neuroscience, and is currently authoring Springer's "Intelligent Analytics".

Analytics 101

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From today’s smart home applications to autonomous vehicles of the future, the efficiency of automated decision-making is becoming widely embraced. Sci-fi concepts such as “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” have been realized; however, it is important to understand that these terms are not interchangeable but evolve in complexity and knowledge to drive better decisions. Distinguishing ...
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