Brian Brown

In over 20 years as an IT Security Professional Brian has held various positions ranging from head of Security and Operations for the largest public health care provider in Canada, to CTO of Toronto based integration firm Infostream Technologies. An interest in new and innovative technologies led him to Solidcore Systems in 2006 as an Engineering Manager responsible for technical architecture of secured systems. After acquisition of Solidcore by McAfee in 2009 Brian transitioned into a role as an Enterprise Technical Specialist devoted to scoping and defining SIEM solutions for his customers. As a Canadian Regional Solution Architect he is currently assisting with security framework integration and guiding customers in their journey in their path to an evolved SecOps strategy.
Cybersecurity threats are hitting organizations more frequently and from more directions than ever before. Unfortunately, enterprise security teams aren’t growing as quickly as the threats they face, which means infosec professionals have to work more efficiently to keep up. One way to build a more efficient IT security operation is to adopt human-machine teaming solutions ...
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